Life and Business Strategist Charlie Hugh-Jones | Inspiration-imagination-innovation
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Foundations for transformation


is where you find your deepest meaning and your most profound values – the things that make you absolutely unique – igniting your inspiration and connecting to your essential self in the present moment is one of the most powerful determinants of how you feel about your life, it is essential for overcoming fear, managing stress and anxiety and experiencing more contentment


is incredible – it is one of your mind’s most effective tools in shaping the reality you experience – fuelling your imagination with the right things, expands your capacity to deal with unexpected outcomes, failures and life’s challenges, it unlocks your ability to visualize your own success and increases your capacity to plan more effectively


is doing something new, perhaps something you haven’t done before – it’s the active, the outward, the physical component of transformation – unleashing innovation creates habits, overcomes blocks and opens you up to experiencing more of what feeds your essential self so that you can more quickly achieve your goals

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