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Charlie Hugh-Jones

Unlocking the Best Version of You

Best Selling Author | Speaker | Coach


Charlie is a Life & Business Strategist. He writes, speaks and coaches high-performing individuals and entrepreneurs on how to unlock a better, more conscious version of themselves so that they can

– be more productive
– feel more purposeful
– enjoy more resilience, and
– deepen their connection with those they love.

He lives 200 yards from the beach, is married to the most incredible woman and gets to inspire and equip people every day!



One of the most intense pressures in life and business is to do more in less time. With so many demands, we often attempt to do too much, overcommit, firefight constantly and end-up getting far less done than we are truly capable of.

I help high-performers utilise the most effective tools and implement powerful systems and strategies to determine priorities, develop positive habits and deliver greater results in less time with less stress.


One of the greatest drains of energy and what is often a source of pain and frustration, is a lack of sense of purpose in repeatedly showing up and investing so much in what we do.​


I help high-performers connect with their essential self, access their core values and clarify their life purpose(s) to equip and motivate them with a deeper sense of purpose and mission.


One of the hardest struggles in our always-on, demanding and constantly-changing world is to maintain our health and vitality. Managing stress and anxiety, keeping in peak physical shape and remaining mentally sharp, eating the most helpful foods and sleeping well are everyday challenges.

I help high-performers use the right tools and adopt the right strategies to build the positive habits that increase their resilience, help them overcome setbacks more quickly and overcome potential-fears. I help create lasting change in their physical bodies and energy levels so that they can enjoy more of their lives and the rewards of their high-performance.


One of our most profound needs is to connect more deeply with others – particularly with those that we love – but it often seems that the cost of success, through intense focus and drive, is a lack in the depth in those connections.

I help high-performers maintain and deepen their connection with those they love, those they work with and those they serve – improving communication, establishing healthy boundaries, taking responsibility for their emotions and actions so that they can experience rich and authentic relationships.




Tel: +1 561-310-3561

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Looking forward to seeing you on Monday night for this New Year special I’m presenting!

If you ever feel stuck
If you ever feel like you’re just spinning your wheels
If you ever feel like you’re not exactly living the life you think you should be
If you ever feel like you were meant for so much more than this
If you ever feel purposeless or that life is somehow passing you by....

...then this session is for you!

I’m going to show you how to
- ignite your inspiration,
- deepen your sense of significance, and
- determine your destiny!

If that’s something that interests you then don’t miss this Monday evening’s session!

Click on the link to find out when and where.


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On Purpose- With Charlie Hugh Jones

January 8, 2018, 7:30pm - January 8, 2018, 8:00pm

The UniverCity Soul Care Series is presenting a free class with a New Years Theme!Best selling author, speaker, and coach Charlie Hugh-Jones will be leading us in a talk about how to stay connected to our purpose in this new year. Charlie is known for cultivating and inspiring purpose, productivity, resilience, and connection. A perfect fit for our soul care series.Join us Monday January 8th at 7:30pm for this inspiring talk! Our hope is that this night will empower you to stay connected to your goals and dreams as we enter 2018!More information on Charlie here!

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Elevenses with Charlie: How to survive your family this holiday!

In this LIVE I give you 3 practical, fun and powerful strategies to help you survive your family this holiday with your sanity intact!

I talk you through three strategies that will most help you manage the potential stress, anxiety and frustration that family gatherings can often bring about.

If you're curious to know how
- Abandoning Hope
- Losing Control; and
- Adopting BAD Habits
can help you better connect with your family this festive season...

...or, if you simply want to know how to play Family Behavior Bingo...

Then this Facebook LIVE is for you!

(No family secrets were disclosed in the making of this LIVE - as I promised Sis!)

As ever, if anything resonated with you or was helpful please LIKE this LIVE and SHARE it. If you want to talk about anything I raised then please PM me. And if you want to know more, be the first to hear about new content, or track my whereabouts, then head on over to:

Have a Great Holiday however you celebrate it and may your 2018 be an incredible year!



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I just published “How To Survive Your Family This Holiday: 3 practical, fun and powerful strategies to make it…”

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